If the world is my oyster, where is my pearl?

Since graduating in May, I have spent my time living in Florida, constantly looking for a job. Of course I knew it would take time and patience, but it’s been two months since my graduation day, and I am very, very short on patience at this point (I have a lot of things I need to start taking care of). Obviously I’d love a design job over anything else, but I have also applied to retail jobs and restaurants. My mindset is that I will take whatever I can get so that I can start saving up money, and when something better comes along, I can take it.

So far, I’ve had very little luck. I’ve had a couple interviews, all resulting in a “we’ll give you a call.” Now, I understand that most places won’t call the rejects, but each person to tell me they’ll call, has given me a specific time frame, and a few have even said that they’d call even if I don’t get the job. Taking the lead and trying to show how dedicated I am to designing, I have re-contaced everyone I have discussed getting a job with. A few have responded just to blow me off and most never responded at all. One man was supposed to call me last Monday, since he never did, I gave him a call Wednesday morning. He apologized for inconveniencing me, but his company was in the middle of moving due to some flooding from a recent storm. He then proceeded to tell me that there may be some freelance work available, and he’d call me first thing in the morning. Thursday morning has come and gone, and still no call.

With the little luck I have had so far, it’s hard not to become discouraged in finding work. A few friends of mine have asked me to create illustrations for them, and I came through without charging them. Now, I’d like to start charging just so that I can start making some money. I’m even considering getting an account on Etsy. So if you, or anyone you know, would be interested, please let me know. All of my contact information is under the “Let’s Chat” tab at the top of the page.

I know I have the potential to make it as a designer and to better my skills. I am always willing to learn more and do what I can to get my foot in the door. As the saying goes: the world is my oyster.

I just need to find that damn pearl.



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2 responses to “If the world is my oyster, where is my pearl?

  1. Nicole

    Keep hope alive! You’ll get the job you want sooner later šŸ™‚

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